Our property is a working farm toward the northern end of Denman Island, six minutes drive from the ferry landing, and adjacent to more than a thousand acres of undeveloped forest. From China Moon it is a five minute walk to Chickadee Lake, which offers visitors the chance to swim, kayak, canoe, fish, or simply observe the abundant wildlife: beaver, deer, eagles, geese, ravens, woodpeckers, and the like.

Chickadee Lake is a drinking water reservoir for nearby families, and, as such, is completely undeveloped. No shoreline infrastructure, no motorboats, no jetskis. In fact, most of the time there is no sign of human life whatsoever.

Our B&B on Denman Island. (Please click on the thumbnail for a larger picture)
These Korean ESL students found China Moon to their liking.

We can also tell you how to get to Denman's unspoiled, commerce-free and virtually unpopulated beaches. Those on the southwest side of Denman offer views of the sheltering bulk of Vancouver Island. On the east side you can see neighboring Hornby Island, or look all the way down the strait towards the city of Vancouver.

Further north, and twenty miles away, the snowy peaks of the Coast Mountains catch the eye over Texada Island and the blue waters of Georgia Strait. Sea lions abound, great blue herons stalk the shallows, eagles are a common sight, and a variety of sea birds will enliven any stroll or picnic at the water's edge.

Our home, and our B&B, are on a fenced, gently-sloping hillside flanked by two small pastures and extensive vegetable and flower gardens. You are cordially invited to browse our gardens, and even to do some weeding, mulching, or cultivating if you are so inclined! Help yourself to anything edible-- fruits, berries, and vegetables.

Hardwood floors throughout, vaulted ceiling in the living room. There is a large cedar deck with private entrance, and all the amenities, including electric heat, plus a woodstove for added atmosphere on chilly days. Complimentary coffee or tea any time you wish. Your own microwave for popcorn or whatever. Occasional treats and surprises. Both bedroom and living room have a queen size bed, so we can accommodate two couples in traditional style; we have additional foamies and inflatable mattresses for up to eight people. Children are welcome, but no pets, please

China Moon is waiting for you. (Please click on the thumbnail for a larger picture)

(Please click on the thumbnail for a larger picture)

We pride ourselves on being able to provide nearly anything you may desire: Wireless Internet(so, bring your laptop!), Satellite TV, VCR, DVD player (the local video rental outlet is open 7 days a week), CD player (feel free to browse our big music collection), books, and current magazines, (the New Yorker), not to mention our local knowledge of available activities, events, and venues for dining, relaxation, and entertainment. Outdoor propane barbecue available. Dine alfresco on your private deck.

In the morning we will bring as large a breakfast as you want to you in the B&B. We both enjoy cooking, and look forward to serving you.

Some updated shots of the property, including the beautiful wild flowers that grow on the grounds.